We understand making a purchase  of premium virgin hair is an investment. The hair can be reused and last up to a year if proper care is taken. This hair is unprocessed virgin hair and should be treated accordingly. Take care of your extensions as you would your own hair. To protect your investment here are a few haircare tips. 

1. Wash and condition the hair regularly. Dirt and oil can cause hair to tangle. Many shampoos can be drying so please limit the shampooing. We recommend to Co-wash your extension. CO-Washing is wetting the hair down and applying conditioner. Then rinsing. Not using any shampoo. This can condition and moisturize your virgin hair. If you do decide to use a shampoo we recommend a sulfate-free shampoo. 

2. To protect your investment, we recommend sealing your wefts. 

3. If you desire to color or bleach the hair please use caution as your would your own hair. Over processing your virgin hair could damage your extensions and result in shedding and tangling. We recommend seeking a professional when coloring. 

4 To help prevent heat damage, when using heat on your hair we recommend applying a heat protectant prior. Also air drying your extensions is healthier for the hair than blow-drying.